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Fitness Training

Fitness Training

Fitness with a big, big difference

Getting fit can be hugely rewarding, and is a great way to stay lean and strong for life. But fitness training with Axon Fitness is also fun, and can push you to achieve far more than you ever thought possible.

If you fancy a little more than a jog, our training can introduce you to training in ways that are far more fun and effective than the old fashioned methods - how about training with Battle Ropes, or Suspension Training in your local park? Or maybe you've got a hidden aggressive side - ever wanted to smash a tyre with a sledgehammer, or pull a truck? Don't think it's beyond you - anyone can do it!

If you really want to push yourself and do something you'll love telling your friends about, get in touch today!

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8 sessions per month:

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12 sessions per month:

£480 £400
(save £80)

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